Political Media Review (PMR), a project of the Transformative Studies Institute (TSI), is an independent review site for social justice media. As a not-for-profit and fully-volunteer organization, we are dedicated to promoting, publicizing and being a resource for social justice media by providing a space where social justice film and publication reviews can be accessed in a central location. PMR writes original reviews and collects already existing reviews of media. We have been in operation since January 2009.


In these days of mainstream media consolidation and group-think, it is imperative that there remain alternative methods of information dissemination and serious discussion of issues. The Political Media Review promises to be such a place-examining robustly, critically, and thoughtfully in a skeptical and interrogative manner what is known or not known, covered or not covered, by other sources.

- Martin Rowe, Director of Publishing at Lantern Books and Vice-President of Booklight Inc

At a time of perpetual crisis, when all media – including the left – is disintegrating, now more than ever, we need PMR. And the food for thought, and action, therein. Bring it on.

- Ramsey Kanaan, PM Press

For Publishers

Political Media Review was founded in 2009 with the intent of highlighting progressive texts that oftentimes face challenges in reaching the public.

PMR welcomes publishers to submit a variety of media for consideration. Subjects PMR has covered in the past include:

  • Current events
  • Political science
  • History
  • International affairs
  • Social science
  • Gender studies
  • …and much more.

If You Have Been Contacted By One of Our Writers

Publishers are encouraged to get in touch to confirm a writer works for PMR.

Digital Friendly

In an effort to trim costs for independent publishers, PMR happily accepts electronic formats of books and other materials for review by our writers. Hardcopy books and other items are also fine. However, as postal rates go up and printing costs rise, some publishers have indicated interest in these methods.

For Writers

Are you interested in unique progressive books? Are you a writer? Interested in assessing books for Political Media Review?

PMR welcomes writers interested in covering progressive literature. The gig is unpaid, but still important, and gives you an opportunity to be published. You will educate the public about interesting writings worth their time. You’ll also help a publishing community that needs writers to make people aware of their books.

Things You Should Know

Being a PMR writer is serious business. Please make sure you have the time to do this work.

There are deadlines you must meet. Deadlines are 14 days from the day you receive a book. If you can’t make the deadline, wait until your time opens up to get in touch about writing.

There are copy requirements. Reviews should be a minimum of 750 words. Quotes from a book do not count toward word count requirements. First references should always mention in parenthesis the publisher and year the book was published (e.g. “but in This Example Book (Example Press, 2012)). Italicize book titles. External links to items such as historical events, current debates or relevant news referenced in your writing are encouraged. Introduce readers to the subjects being covered, the author and book by stating clearly what the book is about and its topics. Do not assume they have the book or know the issues. Write as if your reader is evaluating whether they’ll read this book based on your review. Avoid first-person (“I liked this book”) and instead illustrate your opinions with references from the book.

Review files may be provided as Rich Text Format, Word, OpenOffice or HTML.

You will be expected to write about the book BEFORE you get a copy. All writers are required to write a profile of the books they are requesting, which will be featured on our blog. This 300-500-word summary of the book you’re interested in should be culled from online information about the text, author and subject. This profile is written to ensure PMR has content to post should you fail to submit a review. It will be posted prior to your deadline.

Many books may be shared in digital format. If you do not have one, there are various electronic readers available free online, for smartphones, tablets and computers. We can help you through this process.

Please use the form below to get in touch.